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Wireless System & Display

The Wireless Connection Systems is capable of delivering (transmitting and receiving) high-performance digital and analog communication data from one location to another wirelessly and reliably. It can form a variety of networks such as Point-To-Point (PTP) and Point-To-Multiple (PTM).



  • Supports standard display communication data transfer

  • About 1500 ft working range in resident area or rig sites (Can be extended by using the high gain antenna)

  • In-house antenna – The antenna is fixed on KWS boxes and does not need to be positioned outside of trailers or doghouse

  • “Plug and Play” to simplify the operation and training processing

  • Fully sealed

  • Works directly with the most popular MWD tools and its Rig Floor Displays on the market

  • Highly reliable

  • Application software pre-loaded

The RFD is compatible with industrial standard receiver systems. It provides not only the traditional data display such as Inclination, Azimuth and Tool faces and the waveform graphics but also synchronization indicator, Dip angle and Gamma data. The synchronization LED indicator makes the reading of pump on, pump off, synchronization data possible in the night without the help of Flashlight.



  • Supports popular MWD systems with graphic mud pulse display

  • Extra Dip Angle and Gamma displayed

  • Extra synchronization indicator - reading of pump on, pump off, and synchronization status in dark

  • Built-in Y-cable allows the RFD cable to transfer all pressure data and display data together on a single cable

  • Compact Rugged Design

  • Highly reliable 

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