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Vibration Dampener

The Vibration Dampener is designed to reduce the shock and vibration impacted upon expensive MWD strings, while allowing the MWD tools to function inside the evolved drilling program.

As a shock and vibration dampener, it reduces the impact of destructive energy on the MWD tool. Axial shock and vibration are reduced by a factor of 7 to 10 (~65% downhole), and lateral shock and vibration are reduced by a factor of 5 to 7 (~50% downhole).

This is the new standard in MWD tool protection. Please download the datasheet for more information, including surface and downhole test data.

Download Datasheet


  • Lubricated anti-rotational and compression chambers isolated from sands/solids with sealing features

  • Infusion hardening, instead of coating or plating, to provide extended life cycles and smooth dampening action

  • Complete service in less than one hour

  • Proven results from the harshest environments

  • Protects the entire MWD string: pulser, gamma, directional module, and batteries

  • Double-acting dampening on compression and extension