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Shop Setup

Compass sells everything for your MWD, LWD, and EM needs, including:


  • MWD tools

  • Complete Kits (with comprehensive maintenance)

  • Downhole Components (Directional Modules, Pulsers, Batteries, Gamma Modules, EM Transmitter Modules, Interconnects, Subs)

  • Surface Gear (Computers, Displays, Cables, Encoders, Kit Transport Boxes)

  • Fishing/Handling Tools

  • Consumables

  • Hand Tools

  • Testing Equipment

  • Transducers

  • Computers & Accessories (Printers, Cables, Paper)


Gamma Calibration

Download Datasheet

Compass provides a gamma calibrator that is directly tied into the API test pits. In less than half an hour, one can obtain an API calibration for the probe. As the tools are run downhole repeatedly, pre-set calibrations from the factory become obsolete. The calibrator makes relying on these a thing of the past and instead places the accuracy of your tools in your hands.

Spreadsheets are provided that allow for the easy calculation and tracing of the API/cps ratios. Easily compare before and after calibration and track tool histories with a few clicks of the mouse.

Even a perfectly calibrated probe will not give the correct formation API values when running downhole. One must take into account the very complex environment in which the tool is run. This is where the calibration software takes over.




  • Uses as input the thickness and weight per foot of a drill collar and produces a drill collar correction factor as an output. Presently uses 7.81 g/cc default collar density.

  • Uses as input to the borehole size, the eccentering of the tool, the collar OD & ID, and the KCI concentration of the mud to obtain the count rate due to mud as output. This count rate is subtracted from the total count rate.

  • Uses as input the borehole size, the  factor for borehole absorption as an output.eccentering of the tool, the collar OD & ID, and the mud weight and type to obtain a correction

  • Utilizes the calibration factor and the software listed above to obtain the following three curves:

    • A calibrated probe API value

    • A calibrated collar API value

    • A calibrated environmental corrected API value


Roll/Calibration Stand

Compass roll/calibration stand is three-Axis, Non-Mag test stand for use in testing and calibrating MWD equipment. 



  • Custom made precision appliance

  • 100% Non-magnetic signature

  • Cast aluminum frame structure to minimize temperature and humidity fluctuations

  • All brass assembly fasteners

  • Accommodates up to a 72" tool

  • Azimuth lever rotation less than 3 arm minutes

  • V-Block tool positioning ±.002" alignment across the entire table

  • Locking disc brake system for inclination with coarse and fine adjustments, allowing smooth transition

Download Datasheet


Oil Fill Station

Compass filling station systems are designed to separate and remove air, water, solvents, and particulate contaminants from hydraulic oil with minimal operator intervention.


  • Designed for mobility

  • Compatible with US and European power sources

  • Compact circulating pump

  • Minimal setup time

  • Requires minimal operator supervision

  • Capability to evacuate and fill via a single port

  • Oil filling can be completed by pumping or by vacuum draw

  • Translucent reservoir for visibility

Download Datasheet


Shop Testing Equipent

Fluid System Simulator

Break Out Unit

Pulser Test Unit

Remote Flow


A9 Manufacturing

At Compass, we do in-house manufacturing with our affiliated company A9 Manufacturing. Please find more information on their website.