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14427 Interdrive W, Houston, TX 77032

Ph: +1(281)442-7484

Fax: 832-230-2145

Fluid system simulator

  • Built-in voltmeter with selector switch to measure Flow, Pulse, Gamma, and QBus Voltage

  • Built-in current meter to measure tool current

  • Can simulate Directional Module and Gamma using only one SAI and PC

  • Flow control and selectable flow on times and off times for troubleshooting

  • Cables included to test a Directional Module with or without a transorb

Make & Break Box

  • Removable Cable Ends for other connector types

  • ­ Battery warmer to depassivate batteries

  • ­ Diagnosing of individual tools and complete tool strings

  • ­ Use to test the Interconnects