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14427 Interdrive W, Houston, TX 77032

Ph: +1(281)442-7484

Fax: 832-230-2145

Field-Ready MWD & LWD Kits, Interchangeable Modules and Components

All Compass kits are based on a robust and reliable system that can be customized to suit your changing needs with the addition of various modules. Unlike many other MWD systems, Compass mud pulse MWD system can be changed to an EM by changing transmitter modules. Our kits are designed for easy transport, set up and use. Each kit includes 100% redundancy of critical operational components to avoid costly downtime.


Compass offers MWD & LWD kits that you can modify at any time to adapt to your technology needs.


Mud Pulse MWD Systems


LWD Systems


EM/MWD Systems

  • EM MWD Kits

  • Gap Subs

    • EM-MWD Composite Gap Sub

    • EM-MWD Gap Sub

Interchangeable Parts


  • Pulser Modules (Solenoid, Servo Motor, Top & Bottom Mount)

  • Gamma

  • EM/MWD

  • LL5 Resistivity (Slated for Q2 of 2013)


Compass also offers specialized components that are compatible with other MWD systems:

  • Gap Subs – for redundancy and enhanced signals

  • Pulsers

  • Surface Gear

    • Rig Floor Computers (Wireless & Non-Wireless)

    • Rig Floor Displays

    • Cables & Encoders

    • EM Cables & Accessories