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Gamma Kits


Add Gamma Logging to Your MWD System


Gamma kits like gamma ray tools record naturally occurring gamma rays in the formations adjacent to the wellbore. This nuclear measurement indicates the radioactive content of the formations. Effective in any environment, gamma ray tools are the standard device used for the correlation of logs in cased and open holes.



Gamma ray tools use a super-sensitive, hermetically sealed Sodium Iodide Scintillator crystal and a ruggedized high-temperature Photomultiplier for maximum log quality.



  • Depth determination

  • Depth correlation within and between wells

  • Lithology identification

  • Qualitative evaluation of shaliness

  • Qualitative evaluation of radioactive mineral



  • Distinguish shales from non-shales

  • Estimate clay content in sands and limestones

  • Correlation of real-time data with offset logs to determine geologic location

  • Picking casing and coring point


Our Gamma Kits include all the necessary components (probes, software, and surface equipment) to produce accurate logs for the purpose of geosteering.


Kit Contents


Related Datasheets

LL5 Resistivity


Download Datasheet

Resistivity measurement is a valuable tool for geosteering, casing point selection, trend analysis and pore pressure. 


Designated as the LL5 (due to the use of six isolating gaps to create five isolated electrode sections), its target is the low cost/high volume market, comprised of slim holes and salty water-based muds. This tool will not operate in oil-based muds. It will offer two depths of investigation and the resistivity measurement will exhibit the same vertical resolution regardless of the depth of investigation. It works in both vertical and horizontal wells. The tool is not azimuthal, but it will alert the DD to an approaching conductive bed boundary when in a horizontal pay zone. The inner probe is fully retrievable and the tool combines with the Compass MWD system. This includes a mud-operated video presentationpulser, batteries, and direction and inclination. Available collar sizes will be 3-3/4″, 4-3/4″, and 6-1/2″. For more information, please go to our


Please also see the comparison logs between the LL5 and wireline. 



The Centerfire resistivity system is designed to work under high temperature wells up to 175°C.


It is an upgrade for your current directional or directional-gamma services to LWD. Up to Eight different depth of investigation (DOI) borehole compensated resistivities can be measured, and an industry standard transmitter-receiver system is used to transmit any combination of these measurements during geosteering. This can provide you the real-time data.