We provide the most accurate geosteering service that will guide the wellbore placement of directional drilling.  The software we use is the most advanced and user-friendly software for geosteering, and it allows you to access the real-time formation data from any smart device or even at rig floor. With our service, you will achieve faster rates of penetration, build smoother wellbores and have longer exposure in the target zones. 

Azimuthal Gamma

The Compass Azimuthal Gamma ray tool records naturally occurring gamma rays from 8 quadrants (Up, Down, Left, Right, Upper Left, Upper Right, Lower Left, and Lower Right) in the formations adjacent to the wellbore. In addition, it is also capable of reporting the 360° count at the same time. The ability to log 9 gamma readings at the same time makes it the perfect solution for both Shale Reservoir Development and Coal Bed Methane drilling.


  • Depth determination

  • Depth correlation within and between wells

  • Lithology identification

  • Qualitative evaluation of shaliness

  • Qualitative evaluation of radioactive mineral deposits

  • Geosteering While Drilling


  • Distinguish shales from non-shales

  • Estimate clay content in sands and limestones

  • Correlation of real-time data with offset logs to determine geologic location

  • Picking casing and coring point


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Azimuthal Module

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