Gap Subs

EM-MWD Gap Sub

Our EM-MWD gap subs are exempt from ceramic-coated threads. They are not degraded over time of electrical resistance, and all sizes (4-3/4", 6-1/2", 8", or other sizes available on request ) are available for the maximum operating temperature of 175°C.  













There are two types of UBHO subs: 4145 steel & non-mag UBHO subs. The 4145 steel subs are coated with Manganese Phosphate, which is made up of thin crystalline layers of phosphate compounds that adhere to the surface of the metal substrate. They have excellent break-in and wear resistance properties. They prevent metal-to-metal contact between moving parts and they have extremely good oil retentive properties, which increases both lubricity and corrosion protection.


Compass produces a range of UBHO sizes in both steel and non-mag and are shipped with thread protectors attached. Our subs are manufactured and stocked in Houston. At least 10-20 subs are kept on hand at all times. We also offer free in-city delivery of our steel and non-mag subs. We also provide both material certifications as well as inspection reports with every UBHO sub.



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