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Gamma Software

The gamma surface logging system offers data logging and real-time gamma ray monitoring to directional and MWD companies. It is fast and easy to set up while offering all the features of larger and more expensive monitoring software.



  • Real-time data logging

  • Depth tracking

  • Open database storage format

  • Graphical driller display with real-time log display

  • Survey report generation to printers or direct to PDF

  • LAS file import/export support

  • Manageable channels of log data

  • Quick report screen snapshots of logs

  • Advanced log filtering capabilities

  • WITS compatibility

  • Configurable alarms

  • Data Storage


The LiveLog service brings real-time capability to any rig, anywhere. Utilizing all the benefits of modern communications technology, LiveLog is as simple as a cell phone hook-up to your gamma surface data logging package. The directional and MWD data are transmitted via secure connection over the Internet, which you can access via any web browser. There’s no need for the rig to provide any satellite communications. LiveLog is a lightweight, pocket-sized, fit-for-purpose real-time solution for any land rig.

All data generated by the system is stored in an open database file to give the user the ability to query the data using off-the-shelf software products. The system also supports LAS export to make the data available to geological software packages.