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Compass Surface Receiver & Display

The Compass Surface Receiver remote driller display system provides a range of capabilities, from mud pulse or EM signal demodulation to data processing and data presentation. The MPSR is a durable surface receiver providing pulse detection, tool configuration, and logging-while-drilling capability.



  • Powerful mud pulse detection and decoding

  • ­Rugged design

  • Standard size and familiar layout

  • ­Compatible with popular MWD tools and transducers

  • Extra storage compartments for cables and other equipment

  • Lock down screws

  • ­Lightweight material, and handle for carrying

  • ­Protective feet on both sides of case

  • Supports popular MWD systems with graphic mud pulse display

  • ­Extra Dip Angle and Gamma displayed

  • Extra synchronization indicator - reading of pump on, pump off, and synchronization status in dark

  • ­Built in Y-cable allows the RFD cable to transfer all pressure data and display data together on a single cable

  • Compact Rugged Design

  • ­Highly reliable

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